Medicare Part D

Part D provides coverage for prescription drugs.  Drug coverage is not part of Original Medicare but can be added to a plan of that type. 

Selecting a Part D Plan

There are different types of Part D Plans which should be taken into account when selecting specific coverage.  Different plans may cover certain drugs, which will be listed out by Medicare.  If you’re currently taking a prescription drug, ask your insurance agent before enrolling to make sure that your plan will cover it.

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Not all drugs will be covered to the same degree.  Some drugs may have a lower copayment than others.  Drug costs are assigned into “tiers” by Medicare and each tier represents a different level of copayment.  

If you’re wondering what a Part D Plan could cost you, the next step is to reach out to an insurance agent.  At Midwest Trusted Benefit, we’re ready to answer your questions and work with you to find the right plan for all your needs.