Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is included within Original Medicare and covers hospital inpatient care.  It is suggested that most people enroll in Part A and some may be automatically enrolled near their 65th birthday.

Specific Coverage

Part A care ranges and offers some variety.  The goal of Part A is to provide coverage for inpatient care and some home health services.  In order for Part A to be used, the service being rendered will need to have been deemed necessary.

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Inpatient Hospital Coverage

Part A hospital coverage is not intended to cover long term care, so the pricing system increases with length of stay.  Part A can also be used at skilled nursing facilities, which most people are admitted to after being discharged from the hospital.

Home Health Care Coverage

While Part A is known for its inpatient hospital coverage, it does extend to cover some home health costs.  Home health care providers will need to accept Medicare and will only be reimbursed for the services covered by the beneficiary’s plan.

Home health care under Part A typically focuses on therapies and other services that are meant to maintain or improve the life of the beneficiary.  If a medication is being administered from home and requires administration from a skilled medical professional, it may be covered.

Hospice Care Coverage

Hospice care is intended for those who are not expected to live longer than six months.  Agreeing to begin hospice care means acknowledging that terminal illness is the reality and prioritizing comfort.  Hospice care is almost entirely, if not fully, covered by most plans.

Enrolling in Part A

For many people, Part A enrollment will be automatic.  If you’re wondering about your Part A enrollment status, reach out to an insurance agent today who can walk you through the process.